Central Arkansas Flying Club


Joining the Club

Want to learn how to fly?  Are you a private pilot seeking to rent well-maintained aircraft at reasonable rates?  Are you a rusty pilot wanting to regain currency? Then join today!

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Central Arkansas Flying Club offers three levels of membership: regular, student and family.

Regular membership (Pilots, including student pilots 18+):

One-time joining fee:  $200.00

Monthly dues: $40.00 per month

Student membership (under 18):

One-time joining fee:  $100.00

Monthly dues: $20.00 per month

Student members must be actively seeking a pilot certificate

Family membership:

Must be associated with a regular member in good standing

No joining fee

Monthly dues: $10.00 per month per family member

Benefits of Membership

Access to Club aircraft at affordable rates

Access to Redbird TD2 Flight Training Device (also available to non-members)

Loaner headsets available at no cost

Insurance coverage

Social interaction with fellow pilots

How to Join

To join the Club, simply:

  1. 1.    Complete and sign the Membership Application.

  2. 2.    Read and sign the Club Rules.

  3. 3.    Submit the completed Membership Application and signed Club Rules along with a check for the joining fee to Mike Williamson, President or John K. Jones, Treasurer.

Rights of Members

Members in good standing are entitled to vote on any matter placed before the membership of the Club pursuant to the Club’s Bylaws, to serve as an officer or director of the Club, and to operate Club aircraft.  To be a member in good standing, a member must be current in all of the member’s financial obligations to the Club, and must hold a pilot certificate or be actively seeking a pilot certificate.


The Club provides insurance coverage to all members operating Club aircraft pursuant to the Club rules and check-out procedures.  Club insurance is currently provided by Old Republic Aerospace, Inc.  Coverage consists of $1,000,000 in property and liability insurance coverage per occurrence (limited to $100,000 per passenger for bodily injury), $5,000 per passenger and pilot for medical payments, with a $0.00 deductible.  Insurance terms and coverage is subject to change.

Inactive Status

After joining, members may place their membership on inactive status and thereby avoid incurring the monthly membership fee.  Inactive members are still members of the Club, but are not permitted to operate any Club aircraft,  are not eligible to vote on any issues put to the membership for a vote, and are not permitted to serve as an officer or director of the Club.  Inactive members may return to active status at any time without incurring any additional fees.

Central Arkansas Flying Club, Inc.

1100 Hill Farm Road, Bryant, AR 72022